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Crisis Communication Category Photo

Communicators and Lawyers Summit 2022

How to work with corporate attorneys to create leadership communication that’s safe, sane and strategic.

Crisis Communication Category Photo

How to Help Your CEO Survive These Crazy Times

Navigation and consultation from some of the world’s leading crisis and leadership communication experts.

Crisis Communication Category Photo

2022 Executive Communication Summit

Top exec comms professionals share the state of the art in this burgeoning business.

Executive Communication Strategy Category Photo

The Social Executive 2022

How to use LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media for better leadership communication.

Executive Communication Strategy Category Photo

The ECC’s Employee Communication Summit

How internal comms and exec comms professionals are working together to help their leaders lead.

Executive Communication Strategy Category Photo


For ambitious leadership communicators, a new mindset, new means, new media, new messaging and new mentors.

Executive Communication Strategy Category Photo

Leadership Communication ROI

How to prove the impact of an executive communication event, campaign or program.

Speechwriting Category Photo

Vital Writing for Virtual Leadership Communication

How to write scripts that will glue viewers to the screen and drive your leader’s message home.

Executive Communication Strategy Category Photo

Leadership Communication Strategies to Seize This Moment

How to use the burning platform of 2020 to build a strategic executive communications platform for the future.

Speechwriting Category Photo

Strategic Speechwriting: The Method and the Art

Learn how to write speeches that get things done and video speeches that connect—a virtual seminar in four sessions.

Speaker Coaching Category Photo

The Video CEO: Make the Boss Comfortable, Compelling and Compassionate on Screen

A train-the-trainer session for exec comms pros who want to help their CEOs communicate onscreen as compellingly as they do in person.

Speechwriting Category Photo

Military Speechwriting Training Online

A crash course for newly assigned military speechwriters; a skill-building session for more experienced speechwriters.

Speaker Coaching Category Photo

Speaking Coaching for Speechwriters

How to help your clients deliver speeches worthy of your scripts.

Speechwriting Category Photo

How to Pull Stories Out of Your Leader and Get Them into a Speech

How to establish rapport with a client, tease stories out and use them to maximum persuasive advantage.