For leaders who believe
communication makes a


Executive Communication Council

Serious leadership communicators working together to define, elevate and empower the practice.


In recent years, executive communication has grown fast, in size and scope and strategic importance to organizations.

Serious practitioners in this burgeoning business need a working group—a place to go for best practices, standard operating procedures, insights and the intellectual leadership and professional companionship of the best people in the business.

That’s the Executive Communication Council.

As you’ll see when you read our charter, our member organizations are represented by exec comms pros who believe that what their leaders say and publicly do can make a fundamental difference in the fortunes, reputations and contributions of an organization and all its stakeholders.

These people strive to do more than achieve “best-practice” executive communication.

They wish to redefine it, in close collaboration with one another.

Does this sound like your organization? Does it sound like you?

If it does—let’s talk.


David Murray
Executive Director
[email protected]