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Nov 25, 2020
"We can't solve all of the world's problems alone ... [but] America at its best still has a greater ability than any other country on earth to bring others together to meet the challenges of our time."
Antony Blinken
Antony Blinken, Nominee, U.S. Secretary of State
Nov 18, 2020
"An indisputable statement of fact: We have never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive and prolonged as those experienced for most of 2020.”
Samuel Alito
Samuel Alito, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
Nov 11, 2020
"If we can decide not to cooperate, then we can decide to cooperate."
Joe Biden
Joe Biden, President-Elect, United States of America
Nov 04, 2020
"Once this election is finalized and behind us, it'll be time to ... put the harsh rhetoric of the campaign behind us, to lower the temperature, to see each other again."
Joe Biden
Joe Biden, Presidential Candidate, United States of America
Oct 28, 2020
What communicators can do to bind wounds, to build consensus, to create constructive conversations and to heal a society.
Barry Black
Barry Black, Chaplain, United States Senate
Oct 14, 2020
We are family: Rethinking race in the Jewish Community.
Angela Buchdahl
Angela Buchdahl, Rabbi, Central Synagogue
Oct 07, 2020
"Today, once again, we are a house divided. But that, my friends, can no longer be."
Joe Biden
Joe Biden, Former Vice President, United States of America
Sep 30, 2020
"I have listened to this for too long and I think the American people see through this raw use of political power."
Amy Klobuchar (D—MN)
Amy Klobuchar (D—MN), United States Senator
Sep 23, 2020
"With courage, resolve and compassion which lit the dark hour, we have confronted the disaster head on. The virus will be defeated. Humanity will win this battle!"
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping, President, China
Sep 16, 2020
This is our opportunity to make change happen by design – not by disaster or by diktat from others in the world.
Ursula von der Leyen
Ursula von der Leyen, President, European Commission