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Up until a few years ago, “executive communication” at most organizations was either a euphemism or a glorified term for a CEO speechwriter.

Not anymore.

Today executive communication is a complex and multifaceted discipline—in many organizations, serving multiple executives through many different means to achieve vital strategic goals.

Thus, exec comms practitioners now have their own organization—the Executive Communication Council. They attend their own conference—the Executive Communication Summit. 

And now they can seek recognition through their own awards program—the Executive Communication Awards.

The ECAs offer these behind-the-scenes exec comms pros and teams a rare moment in the spotlight. 

But the ECAs achieve far more than that:

  • They help a quickly evolving communication specialty set standards for excellence, defining best practices in a burgeoning business.
  • They show the larger communication world and business community what great executive communication looks like—and what it can accomplish.
  • And the annual collections of winners will yield an ever-growing database of best-in-class case studies—helping exec comms practitioners stand on the shoulders of their most successful colleagues as they seek to do effective work of their own.

Enter the ECAs to get the recognition you deserve—and to share your best work with the world.

Dates and Deadlines

Call for Entry
January 31, 2023

Early Bird

March 3, 2023

March 31, 2023


Week of
May 8, 2023

The Executive Communication Awards:
Learn from the work that won.