The Charter of the Executive Communication Council

The Members

The Executive Communication Council (ECC) is a working group of organizations that share a likeminded commitment to strategic, dynamic and disciplined leadership communication. We believe what our CEOs and other top execs say and do can make a fundamental difference in the reputations, contributions and fortunes of an organization. 

Represented by their executive communication professionals, these organizations strive to do more than achieve “best-practice” executive communication. 

They wish to redefine it. 

The Mission

 The ECC exists to meet three essential needs in a fast-evolving professional discipline: 

  1. To define excellence in executive communication, and share modern leadership communication philosophy and practices with the broader exec comms community. 
  2. To thoughtfully and continuously adapt executive communication strategies and tactics to meet the ever-changing needs of organizations’ leaders and their stakeholders. 
  3. To showcase to the business community and to society at large, what great leadership communication is, and the profound impact it can make. 

What Success Will Look Like

  • Executive communication will be the intellectual mainspring of corporate communication, with communication executives partnering directly with the CEO and senior leadership. 
  • Executive communication professionals will draw on their personal strengths and particular expertise to influence business-critical initiatives both internally and externally. 
  • Leadership communication will be demonstrably more proactive and strategically disciplined, with measurable results. 
  • Leadership communication will expand internally, beyond the C-suite—including leaders from all levels of the organization—as part of a compelling human communication choir. 
  • Executive communication professionals will advise and coach their leaders on virtually aspect of the style, substance and symbolism of leadership communication. 
  • Successful executive communicators will have the opportunity to build long, potentially lucrative careers within the executive communication discipline. 
  • Ultimately, the leaders of corporations, nonprofits, universities and other institutions will be more expressive and candid, and the institutions they run will be more humane, socially sensible and effective.