Communicators and Lawyers Summit 2022

How to work with corporate attorneys to create leadership communication that’s safe, sane and strategic.


Helio Fred Garcia

Angela D. Minor

Robin Fretwell Wilson

Now far more frequently than ever before, CEOs and other corporate leaders face major dilemmas on what to say, how to say it, and when to say nothing at all.

And who are the advisors leaders lean on? In-house counsel on the one hand, and corporate communicators on the other. Only to the extent that both parties can cooperate constructively, will the communications they co-create serve their organizations well.

Learn how to do it, from a crucial conversation with our faculty of brilliant communication and legal minds, that will change the way you and your partners in Legal work together, forever.


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Format: This in-depth seminar includes one video, with approximately two and a half hours of content.