For ambitious leadership communicators, a new mindset, new means, new media, new messaging and new mentors.

Yes, leaders need their exec comms folks more than ever. But they need them to be more than ever, too.

And like leaders who are unable to adapt to a pandemic-stricken, social-justice driven, division-riven America, communicators who don’t get up to speed will soon find themselves out in the cold.

As research exclusively available to ExecCommsNEXT participants quantifies, executive communication is a dramatically reinvented role requiring a new mindset, new means of communication, skills in new media, new messaging—and new mentors, even for experienced exec comms pros.

This week is for speechwriters to become strategic executive communicators—and for executive communicators to become invaluable to their organizations at the most crucial moment in their careers.

You will learn:
  • The highest purpose of leadership communication now. (They’ve changed.)
  • The latest trends in leadership communication—and how to keep the good ones trending, in your organization.
  • How to structure a modern exec comms function.
  • Virtual leadership communication—to some extent, it’s here to stay. Here’s how to keep getting better at it.
  • How to take control of your career—and other sage advice from some of the wisest people in this business.


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