Leadership Communication Strategies to Seize This Moment

How to use the burning platform of 2020 to build a strategic executive communications platform for the future.


Pete Weissman

Will you and your organization seize this moment, or be swamped by it? Will you emerge more admired and effective—or diminished?

This webinar might make the difference.

Thought leadership guru Pete Weissman will use this webinar to show you what

you should—and shouldn’t—do to respond to this unique moment and shape your future.

You’ll learn:

  • How to reset your message aperture for this moment: Pitch your focus too grand and broad, and you risk public skepticism. Too narrow and sales-focused, and you risk being seen as tone-deaf during a traumatic time.
  • How to take the right creative actions. Consumers might be skeptical of rhetoric, but they track your actions. Learn which ones to take.
  • How to forge the right partnerships that will bring you greater respect, reach, and relevance.
  • The singular, permanent insight that leaders (and their communicators) should take from this period of crisis.

INSTRUCTOR: Pete Weissman creates thought leadership programs for executives in the spotlight. Pete has worked in the West Wing, the U.S. Senate, and for Fortune 100 CEOs. He is the founder of Thought Leader Communications, providing strategy, speechwriting, presentation coaching, and training.



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Format: This is a 90-minute webinar.