The ECC’s Employee Communication Summit

How internal comms and exec comms professionals are working together to help their leaders lead.

The very best thinkers and practitioners in internal comms and executive comms—at Walmart, Intel, Target, Edelman and more—teach you:

  • How to integrate exec comms and internal comms strategies—and where to keep them separate.
  • How to develop internal thought leadership: on pandemic response, economic recovery, social justice, and workplace of the future.
  • How to help execs do more than appear to listen—but actually hear, and respond.
  • And how to show executives the impact they’re having with employees, so they’re motivated to continue investing their time and their effort and their best selves.


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Format: This summit includes ten videos with more than 4 hours of content.

Day 1 PresentationsLength
Video 10:03
Video 20:20
Video 30:39
Video 40:51
Day 2 PresentationsLength
Video 10:02
Video 20:36
Video 30:27
Video 40:26
Video 50:33