2022 Executive Communication Summit

Top exec comms professionals share the state of the art in this burgeoning business.

Exec comms teams are growing fast in size and sophistication. Indeed, the only thing that’s growing faster are their responsibilities, and the pressure they face, to help more leaders in more ways—leaders who are under a lot of pressure themselves.

Time to take stock, compare notes, refocus and recharge:

  • Learn exactly where you and your team stand against your peers, as we share and discuss exclusive results of a landmark study, the Executive Communication Standard.
  • Build essential new competencies, in planning, executive communication management and measurement.
  • Catch up on the latest best practices in executive communication messaging, platform development and reporting structure.
  • Sharpen your strategic focus, add muscle to your messages—and increase the impact of your whole executive communications operation.


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Format: This summit includes ten videos with more than 4 hours of content.

Day 1 PresentersLength
01 David Murray0:06
02 Sharon McIntosh0:37
03 Rosemary Cassie0:25
04 Kari Matalone0:17
05 Lech Mintowt Czyz0:20
06 Savannah Huddleston0:20
Day 2 PresentersLength
01 Tim Pollard0:57
02 Aakre & Lynch0:19
03 Maureen Kasper0:22
04 Lowry, Montgomery & Reische0:30