The Social Executive 2022

How to use LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media for better leadership communication.


Casey Hall

Helping leaders communicate authentically and compellingly on social media: This has become a core competency for exec comms folks.

Build your confidence in this area—and your enthusiasm for it—in four intensive and entertaining sessions, with social media leadership communications expert Casey Hall.

You will learn:

  • How to build an executive social media strategy that’s both sustainable and effective.
  • How to use social media to bring out the dynamism of your leader.
  • How to adapt your writing and manage your messaging for social media.
  • How to make maximum impact—and prove it, by measuring the results.

It’s a lot to learn. And Casey Hall has a lot to teach, about helping leaders be good—and avoid being bad—on social media.

He’ll help you build confidence, creativity and enthusiasm you need to support your leader.


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Format: This in-depth seminar includes three videos with 6 hours of content.

Video DetailsLength
Day 11:56
Day 21:57
Day 31:56