Message Architecture for Executive Communication

A three-part webinar that will change your approach to conceiving, creating and delivering leadership communication.


Tim Pollard

Michael Hubbard

Are you sure your leaders are consistently saying the right things in the most compelling way—for maximum results?

Or, are you sure they’re not?

Leaders and the people who support them often “major on the minors,” over-focusing on composition minutiae on the one hand, and delivery skills on the other.

True impact as a leadership communicator comes from a different place. It comes from message architecture.

The real question in communications is, how do you routinely structure exec comms messages that are:

  • Crisp, clean and simple
  • Truly audience-centric
  • Organized around insight, not just data
  • Emotionally compelling as well as logically sound
  • And most important, re-tellable by your audience days, weeks or even years after a presentation

In three 90-minute virtual courses, message-architecture expert and master teacher Tim Pollard and his colleagues at the leadership communication consultancy Oratium will give you a battle-tested, bullet-proof approach to effective message design and delivery.


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Format: This in-depth seminar includes three videos with approximately 4.5 hours of content.