What’s the difference between a senior speechwriter and an executive communicator?

A recruiter needs to know, because "I want to position the role appropriately." Can you help?

A veteran corporate communications headhunter is on her first search for a pure exec comms role,and asks:

“Is there a preferred title for executive communications professionals? Do they prefer to be called speech writers or exec comms something? My new client keeps calling this role speech writer, but it is definitely more than just writing speeches. It’s about creating the appropriate themes and platforms for the CEO, writing articles, board and customer correspondence, helping with media interviews, managing the CEO’s social media, and being a trusted advisor.”

But nobody reports to the person, so the recruiter wonders if “director” is appropriate?

“Maybe Executive Communications Leader? Senior Exec Comms XXX? I want to position the role appropriately.”

We told her we’d collect your responses and pass them on to her, and share them back here. Write to PSA executive director David Murray at  [email protected].

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