He dreams of democracy

In a TEDx talk, speechwriter Simon Lancaster laments that only elites know "the secret language of leadership," calls for rhetorical revival.

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Speechwriter gives a TEDxTalk on leadership communication, and represents us well. If your boss won’t believe you, perhaps British speechwriter Simon Lancaster can inspire him or her about “the secret language of leadership that determines who reaches the top in politics and business” with this funny and idea-packed talk, delivered recently at TEDxVerona. The talk ends on a tightrope, as Lancaster improvises a speech based on a suggestion from the audience.

Lancaster concludes with a call to expand understanding of rhetoric beyond an elite group of leaders and hired communication experts:

It is absolutely scandalous, that when in the world we’re dealing with such huge challenges—financial inequalities, the apocalyptic threat of climate change, religious persecution unmatched since the 1940s, that we should be restricting debate to such a narrow minority. Instead of teaching our children, ‘Sit down and shut up,’ we should be teaching them to stand up and speak out. So let’s revive rhetoric. Let’s really reinvigorate debates around the world. And let’s really give every child on the planet [a chance] to become a leader. What should we call this grand initiative? Well here’s an idea. How about, “Democracy”?

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