Maybe speechwriters ought to be more vocal, not less

As I write this, the Washington Speechwriter’s Roundtable is gathering for its luncheon at which the guest speaker is Matt Latimer, who gained fame and infamy among speechwriters for his recent tell-all Speech-less, about his days writing speeches for President Bush.

So as the Washington speechwriters inevitably debate the wisdom of speechwriters-behaving-boisterously, we have Henri Guaino, the current speechwriter to French president Nicolas Sarkozy, holding forth in a way that no U.S. speechwriter would imagine.

In a Reuters story today on the French economy, Guaino says, “A euro at $150 is a disaster for European industry and the economy. … When the Americans create dollars and the dollar falls, there is a point at which you cannot take it any more. What do you do? Either you create liquidity to bring the euro down, or you let the euro rise, rise, rise and then you are completely suffocated.”

Maybe if the Matt Latimers of the world were involved that deeply and that publicly in an administration and its thinking, they wouldn’t write fly-on-the-wall memoirs.


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