Contributors’ Guidelines for the new Executive Communication Report website

If you're moved to share it with your executive communication colleagues, we're interested in reading it.

Our new Executive Communication Report website exists primarily as common bullpen for practitioners of executive communication to visit for inspiration, instruction and professional camaraderie.

We also want it to become a rich, deep searchable database to turn to for specialized exec comms information you can’t get anywhere else.

So we need a steady stream of dispatches from working exec comms pros. We want to publish big ideas and pro tips. Practical checklists and provocative opinions. Case studies and cautionary tales. Hot takes and deep wisdom.

If you’re moved to share it with your executive communication colleagues, we’re interested in reading it. Here’s what we’re looking for:

• Whether practical or theoretical, we favor pieces that will delight or help a beleaguered exec comms colleague on a terrifying Tuesday–“my CEO just quit, how do I announce it?” Or inspire a colleague on a weary Wednesday to think: “Hey, maybe there’s another way to approach this work after all.”

• Pieces may be any length you like, with the proviso that the shorter it is, the more likely it’ll be read all the way through.

• Pieces that you’re proud to share around on LinkedIn and other social media if they’re published. (We hope you do!)

• Whole polished pieces, rather than pitches or outlines. (Unless the piece involves research or journalistic effort and you and want to gauge our interest first.)

• Compensation. We don’t pay our contributors, but we intend to keep the publishing standards on high, so that publishing there will offer professional prestige, and distinguish you as a leader in a field that needs them.

Please email pieces directly to ECR editor David Murray: [email protected]. We will read and respond to every submission we get.

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