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Many speechwriters who have come to rely on the Professional Speechwriters Association as a sturdy, steady source of professional development, advocacy and global networking would be surprised to know that 10 years ago, the PSA didn’t even exist.

At a celebratory 10th annual World Conference, we’ll look back at the speechwriting scene a decade ago—not in self-congratulation, but in serious contemplation of the future. As PSA Advisory Councilor Boe Workman quoted Winston Churchill in a speech last year, “The further back you look, the further ahead you can see.”

At this conference, we’ll talk about the crucial role of speechwriters and leadership communicators in bridging deep cultural divides. We’ll talk about “the new sound of power,” and how speechwriters can support a wider variety of leaders in a broadened spectrum of communication styles. We’ll talk ChatGPT, and how speechwriters can make the technology work for them, so it doesn’t work against them.

And we’ll remember together that, though the PSA might still be young—and the speechwriter’s daily work product might be changing—the basic role that speechwriters play is essential to healthy institutions, civic life and civilized society.

Come, join us.

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