Writers don’t like writing, they like having written. But do they like the stuff they’ve written?

Recently my writing passed my own personal blind taste test!

Last week, a correspondent whose conference session I had publicly critiqued wrote to thank me for the feedback. He concluded his rather generous email by quoting "some wise guy," on communication:

"The hardest thing about communication … is balancing your essential zealotous conviction that what you feel, everyone feels … against your granite knowledge that no one is quite as interested in what you are, as you are."

Goddamn, that's a good quote, I thought. Especially that "granite knowledge" business. Great language! I bet I could make a light little Monday Writing Boots post of it, if I can just figure out who said it …

I pasted the whole quote into Google, and discovered, of course, that I'd said it, about two years ago, on Writing Boots.

And the headline of that piece was, "Who said that? I said that."

And just like that, the piece became worthy of a Wednesday.

I may be running out of new things to say. Good news is, there are plenty of old things, to say again. —DM

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