For speechwriter, coffee cup contest … we have a winner!

Shell speechwriter Philip Fiske de Gouveia gets a free year's membership to the Professional Speechwriters Association.

And finally, we received 80 entries to our contest, “So the speechwriter walked in carrying a coffee mug that said …” There were too many honorable mentions to mention. But after a rigorous and sweaty judging process, the results are in.

Third place goes to, “Don’t be a mug—hire a speechwriter,” submitted by British freelancer Simon Lancaster.

Second place is, “World’s Okayest Speechwriter,” by Jennifer Haselhuhn, leadership comms director at Delphi Automotive.

And the winner—who will receive a free year’s membership to the Professional Speechwriters Association, and whose immortal words will appear without attribution (of course) on coffee mugs presented to each speaker and attendee at the 2015 PSA World Conference at the McDonough School of Business in Washington, D.C., Oct. 7-8—the winner is:

Shell speechwriter Philip Fiske de Gouveia: “The pen is mightier than the poured.”

Congrats to Philip, and thanks to everyone who all who entered.

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