In other snooze: State Department scribe stays up 100 straight hours to write speech!

(Of course, it wasn't the writing that took so long ... it was the approvals.)

A State Department speechwriter stayed up for 100 straight hours to write a speech, according to one of the 7,000 emails released by Hillary Clinton. The email in question is actually from Lissa Muscatine, longtime Clinton communication confidante (and PSA World Conference keynoter).

On Jan. 22, 2010, Muscatine reminded Clinton, “If you have the time or inclination, it would be really nice if you could send an email to [Clinton speechwriter] Tomicah [Tillemann], or phone him. He went for almost 100 straight hours without sleep to get the speech done, under unusually trying circumstances. He deserves some recognition for grace under pressure and a job well done.”

“I did once before the speech and will do it again,” Clinton replies. “Thx to all.”

Interviewed by the Business Insider, Tillemann explains that the speech was worth the trouble, receiving more page views than any other Clinton speech.

"It was the U.S. government's first on human rights in the digital age, and because we were breaking a lot of new ground, there were over 50 bureaus and agencies involved in the final review,” he said. “From a policy standpoint, it was one of the most complex addresses we attempted during Secretary Clinton's time at State.”

(Hat tip to Eric Schnure.)

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