Don’t like reality? Hang around political speechwriters!

So suggests Kurt Vonnegut, in a letter to the people of the future

Some of my favorite Facebook friends are speechwriters. For instance, Bloomberg executive communications director David Meadvin, who posted last week a letter from Kurt Vonnegut, written in 1988 to the people of 2088:

Am I too pessimistic about life a hundred years from now? Maybe I have spent too much time with scientists and not enough time with speechwriters for politicians. For all I know, even bag ladies and bag gentlemen will have their own personal helicopters or rocket belts in A.D. 2088. Nobody will have to leave home to go to work or school, or even stop watching television. Everybody will sit around all day punching the keys of computer terminals connected to everything there is, and sip orange drink through straws like the astronauts.


Kurt Vonnegut

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