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Sep 22, 2021
"My name is Beth from Electronics, I've been working at Walmart for almost five years, and I can say that everyone here is overworked and underpaid."
Beth McGrath
Beth McGrath, Walmart Employee
Sep 15, 2021
"This is not mere nostalgia, it is the truest version of ourselves. It is what we have been, and what we can be again."
George W. Bush
George W. Bush, Former President, United States of America
Sep 01, 2021
"We no longer had a clear purpose in an open-ended mission in Afghanistan. After 20 years of war in Afghanistan, I refused to send another generation of America’s sons and daughters to fight a war that should have ended long ago."
Joe Biden
Joe Biden, President, United States of America
Aug 25, 2021
"I've embraced and internalized the hopes and dreams of 20 million people who share the name New Yorkers. Your priorities are my priorities."
Kathy Hochul
Kathy Hochul, Governor, New York
Aug 18, 2021
"But I do not regret my decision to end America's warfighting in Afghanistan."
Joe Biden
Joe Biden, President, United States of America
Aug 11, 2021
"We know better than anyone else how racism is used to divide working people."
Richard Trumka
Richard Trumka, Late President, AFL-CIO
Aug 04, 2021
"I never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances."
Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo, Governor, New York
Jul 28, 2021
A new PSA whitepaper offers an annotated version of a speech by a speechwriter on speechwriting—delivered 40 years ago this year.
John R. Bonee
John R. Bonee, Corporate Speechwriter
Jul 14, 2021
"Stand up, for God’s sake, and help prevent this concerted effort to undermine our elections and the sacred right to vote. "
Joe Biden
Joe Biden, President, United States of America
Jul 07, 2021
"Today, a hundred years on from its founding, the Communist Party of China is still in its prime, and remains as determined as ever to achieve lasting greatness for the Chinese nation."
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping, President, China