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A PSA, from the PSA: How to invest this year's budget dollars on next year's training, recognition and networking.

You’ve got a little budget dough left. You don’t want to spend it just to spend it. So spend it in order to:

1. Get 2019 off to a stimulating start with an in-house professsional development seminar from the PSA’s Professional Development Academy. Bring in Mike Long to teach your team strategic speechwriting, Pete Weissman to turn your exec comms operation into a thought leadership shop, Eric Schnure to teach storytelling for leadership, Rosemary King to coach your executives or Jeff Herrnington to teach your staff how to write EVERYTHING better. Email [email protected].

2. Give yourself and your speaker a chance to get the recognition you deserve. Round up all the fine speeches you wrote in 2018 and enter them into the 2019 Cicero Speechwriting Awards.

3. Make this the year you connect with your peers. Join the Professional Speechwriters Association.

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