Turmoil in Europe: What’s a Speechwriter to Do?

"How can we write to help?" asks Isabelle Gaudeul-Ehrhart, longtime speechwriter at the European Commission.

Europe rhetoric report. Isabelle Gaudeul-Ehrhart, a longtime speechwriter at the European Commission, is out with the July issue of her free newsletter for European speechwriters, Logos Pathos Ethos. She tells me that for speechwriters, the key questions are, in the immediate wake of the UK referendum, “What can we do to help? How can we write to help? What can we say to help? What stories should we tell? Stories from our common history and culture that can help us? Stories of visionary predecessors? Stories of all that actually works, and works well in Europe, despite the complaints we hear.” You might want to subscribe to Logos Pathos Ethos, which will no doubt become only more vital in the months to come. —DM

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