Transform Your Communication Colleagues into Better Writers

PSA star teacher will come to your organization and teach all the communicators "How to Write EVERYTHING."

PSA offers a transformative one-day in-house writing seminar for communicators: “How to Write EVERYTHING.”

Who’s the most experienced writer in a typical comms department? The speechwriter. Which is why you wind up editing and coaching other corp comms writers so frequently.

What if you could make all those writers significantly better, in a day? You can, by inviting the writer’s writer and teacher’s teacher Jeff Herrington to help your communicators learn “How to Write EVERYTHING: Strong, Seductive, Strategic Writing for Professional Communicators.” He’ll give your communication staff a common set of rules and an uncommon collection of wisdom.

I’ve seen this incredible, affordable seminar. I think every communication department could benefit greatly. And I hope you can help me spread the word. Write to me about pricing and logistics: [email protected].

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