This speech needs an elevator speech!

PR guy needs 99 dense words to describe a speech he wants me to read. That's a speech in itself!

Last month a PR guy submitted to Vital Speeches a keynote speech about … about … ummm …

In his keynote speech Mr.C— discusses the various elements to be considered by firms in the financial services industry when making compliance-related resourcing and funding decisions. Mr. C— also shares his insights on how the newly-created Financial Stability Oversight Council composed of ten regulators, including the heads of top U.S. financial services regulators, will impact firms' decision-making processes. In addition, he highlights the importance of firms treating their clients fairly, staying on top of the developments at the SEC and continually testing the effectiveness of their resource allocation plans—factors that make up what he calls the "Compliance Calculus."

The title of the speech?

"New Kid in Town."

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