The Clunkiest, Clankiest, Junkiest, Stankiest Speech Line of 2011

The single clunkiest, clankiest, junkiest, stankiest speech line I’ve heard this year was one of the last. Vital Speeches’ Australian bureau chief Rodney Gray heard it in a Dec. 2 speech to the Australian Labor Party faithful, by the chronically tone-hearing impaired Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Wait for it …

There are still those who say we must make a simple choice between growing jobs and being fair.

Friends, because we are Australians, because we are Labor people, we know that they are simply wrong.

We have proved the world wrong many times before today.

We are the people who share and stick together.

We are the people who hold on to mateship and the fair go.

We know that to have jobs, we must have growth.

We know that to have fairness, we must have jobs.

So we grow and as we do we spread the growth.

We create jobs and we demand that every job be a job worth having.

We know ours is a people who work hard and we deeply believe all deserve a share in the benefits of their hard work.

This is the Labor way.

This is the Australian way.

We follow it simply because we are us.

We are us? Crikey! If there’s a worse line you’ve heard this year, we’d like to hear it.

No we wouldn’t.

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