The CEO Communication Summit

Urgently, CEOs and exec comms pros gather in Montreal to add power and purpose to corporate leadership communication.

Recently G.E. boss Jeff Immelt said chief execs are “cowards if we don’t take a position occasionally” against White House policies that contradict “what our mission is and where our people stand.” Immelt has come out against the travel ban, the administration’s position on climate change and on the Mexico border wall, as he discussed on CNN Money last week.

In these uncertain times, where does your CEO stand?

In most organizations, CEO communication has needed a reset for a long time.

Now, buffeted by the most uncertain, unpredictable moment in their careers, corporate communication executives seek a more strategic footing—for their senior leaders, and themselves.

That’s why they’re meeting at the CEO Communication Summit in Montreal, June 13-14.

Here, the leading lights in leadership communication will gather at Concordia University to learn the results of a probing study that asks CEOs what they think about CEO communication.

Armed with these insights, executive communication professionals and corporate communication chiefs from some of the world’s best brands discuss and redefine the state of the art of every aspect of CEO communication: thought leadership, strategic planning, storytelling, venue and audience analysis, exec comms technology and communication in a post-factual world.

Join your ambitious communication colleagues at the CEO Communication Summit in Montreal. And return to work with new knowledge, more leverage, fresh ideas and a plan to bring purpose and the power to leadership communication.

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