The Business Roundtable Purpose statement, and you

CEOs signed a statement greatly expanding the purpose of corporations. What does it really mean? Speechwriters will help to decide.

The Business Roundtable purpose statement, and you.

“It will be critically important” for corporations to “demonstrate progress” on the statement of the purpose of a corporation that many of their CEOs signed last month, writes Debra Peterson, the chair of the Public Relations Society of America. “They must show through action that they are following through on their promises. As communicators and PR pros, it will be our job to help make sure they do. In addition, it is our job to ensure narratives are created and disseminated. … For corporations to change, an integral element of the equation must be the CEO’s willingness and commitment to communicate and to value the PR and communications team.”

(And, of course, the exec comms team’s mission readiness.) —DM

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