Sponsored Post: How Did the Speech Go? Meet the Woman Who Can Actually Tell You.

No one knows better than speechwriters the inevitable anticlimax at the end of the arduous speechmaking process: The applause dies down, and everybody involved expresses the hope that the speech “went over pretty well.”

We know that sort of analysis doesn’t cut it, but what’s to be done? It’s not as if there’s some way to prove the effectiveness of a speech.

Actually, Marianne Gobeil says: Yes, there is.

She’s the developer of “Speakcheck®,” a diagnostic tool that yields both quantitative and qualitative data to measure the impact of a speech.

The lead sponsor of our Leadership Communication Days, slated for Oct. 27-28 in Washington D.C., Speakcheck is far more than a critique service. Underpinned with both deep research and vast leadership communication experience, the Speakcheck diagnostic evaluates 150 distinct components of a speech, presenting detailed findings in a confidential, comprehensive report.

Speakcheck measures both the content and delivery of a speech. So yes, you can finally have the proof you need that the executive’s delivery did in fact undermine your brilliantly crafted speech. More importantly, you can begin to connect your leader’s increasing Speakcheck scores with leadership results.

You can meet developer, Marianne Gobeil, CEO of Leading Communicators, in person at Leadership Communication Days. Marianne is offering Speakcheck at a special rate to anyone who registers for our event.

I believe Leading Communicators has created something really impressive here, something that will enable executive speech writers like you to get the results and recognition you deserve. I’m very much looking forward to their participation at Leadership Communication Days. —DM

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