Speechwriting position wanted

Star speechwriter to the Director of National Intelligence seeks new role.

A member of the Professional Speechwriters Association could use our help (and I bet one of us could use his):

My name is Trey Brown, former navy pilot and public affairs officer turned speechwriter for the Director of National Intelligence. Over the past 5 years, our speeches won Cicero Speechwriting Awards and were published in Vital Speeches, but more importantly, we advanced integration of the Intelligence Community. After my director’s retirement, I am looking for a new position outside of government service. I retain my Top Secret clearance and understand the national security enterprise, but because I’m active in the disabilities community, I could also put my skills to use with NGOs and nonprofits in the northern Virginia or DC area. I would appreciate learning about positions available now or coming open in the future. 

Ideas? Reach Trey at [email protected].

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