Speechwriting jobs, for spring!

NATO, USB, AIG, Verizon all looking for scribes.

Brussels-based NATO is looking for a senior speechwriter to oversee a team of speechwriters and to research and write “speeches, articles, key press conferences, public remarks and other material … for the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General.” Type reference number 140128 into NATO’s Recruitment portal.

New York-based USB seeks a speechwriter/editor to “Identify, propose, write and edit a broad variety of executive-level communications for internal and external audiences globally.”

New York-based AIG needs an executive communications manager to be “accountable for the management of all communications including, but not limited to, internal/external engagement opportunities for AIG’s President & CEO of the Americas.”

Verizon is searching for an executive speechwriter to “provide senior executives with internal and external communications that position them as thought-leaders in the marketplace, engage employees and articulate the long-range strategy and vision of the company.”

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