Speechwriters wanted for a novel speech project

"Fireside Chats for 2020" commissions artists to deliver short speeches to the American public. Project director seeks pro bono speechwriting help.

Fireside Chats for 2020 is a creative project directed by artist Constance Hockaday and produced in partnership with UCLA Center for the Art of Performance and also with support from TED and Chloe Veltman of KQED. The project is commissioning a cohort of pan-disciplinary “Artists-In-Presidents” who will address the American public in the form of short speeches. These audio recorded speeches will be rolled out online and over public radio in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election in November. 

Here’s a message from Hockaday:

“We are calling on artists, writers, performers and musicians from a wide range of backgrounds to assume authority over our collective future—to describe as FDR did, where we as American’s can put our faith moving forward. Like the communications support available to any American president, we are pairing interested artists with speechwriters who can provide them mentorship as they shape their presidential voice and vision for our future. Each speechwriter is asked to commit to two phone calls (an intro + debrief call) and a review of one draft. All participants in this project will be recognized publicly as collaborators in the project on various media platforms associated with the project. Our aspiration is to build a viral campaign through our artists social media networks, TED, public radio, and press. At this time we cannot offer any monetary compensation for your time. We are fundraising for more money and hope to be able to offer everyone who participates a small stipend as a token of our gratitude. There are some incredible artists who’ve already committed to creating fireside chats, including Laurie Anderson, Hamza Walker, Lewis HydeCoco FuscoTaylor MacRoger Guenveur SmithOkwui Okpokwasili and many others. Below is a list of the artists currently requesting speechwriters. This list is growing every day.” 

Interested speechwriters should email Hockaday at : [email protected]

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