Speechwriters needed

McDonald's needs an exec comms manager and Verizon seeks freelance help.

McDonald’s is hiring a manager of executive communications to support “our CEO and other leaders as they share our vision and tell the story of our progress. If you are a great writer who also has a passion for using video, infographics, social media and other contemporary storytelling tools, reach out and tell us how you would help us drive organizational alignment, employee engagement, and brand advocacy.”

Verizon seeks freelance speechwriters “who specialize in writing persuasive, compelling content for c-suite leaders. Distilling complicated information into relatable language is a must. Most of all, I'm looking for people who have a good sense of humor even when deadlines are tight, a desire to help our senior-most folks tell great stories and a strong commitment to operating with integrity at all times.” Write directly to Verizon’s exec comms chief Lauren Tilstra: [email protected].

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