Speechwriters Conference snowed out; scribes flock to sunny Scottsdale

By and large, speechwriters are lonely folks who get together only once a year.

And so when a couple hundred of them learned this morning that the Ragan’s Speechwriter’s Conference was canceled on account of snow, I’m sure “crestfallen” was the operative word for many.

But there’s good news in the bad news: There’s another place for speechwriters to go.

In two weeks, there’s another executive-communication/speechwriting conference where speechwriters can rub elbows with many of the colleagues they were hoping to see in Washington.

Many of the world’s top speechwriters and experts in executive communication are gathering in Scottsdale, Ariz. on Feb. 24-25 to get everything from the most practical tactical tips to the headiest strategy advice.

And better yet, the conference organizer is making a really good deal for Speechwriters Conference refugees.

To offset the cost of a change of travel, says Communitelligence CEO John Gerstner, who is hosting the event, “We are offering $150 off our already low registration fee (plus we have a $100 off early bird ending Feb 20) so $250 off of $895.” That means that if you register before Monday Feb. 20, you get into this conference for only $645.

(Important: When you register, enter the promo code mcmurry2010.)

It’s a great deal. And all you have to do is look at the agenda to know that it’s going to be a great show, too.

I’m speaking there—doing my crazy “speechwriting jam session” on the first day, a celebration of the Cicero Speechwriting Awards winners and other great speeches.

I’d sure like to see your face in the crowd.

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