Speechwriters, are you playing the long game?

A veteran speechwriter wants to know if her colleagues are thinking about shaping their speaker's legacies. Are you?

“What role can—and should—speechwriters play in helping leaders shape their legacies?” That’s what veteran exec comms pro and PSA member Lucinda Trew wants to know, for an article she’s working on.

She elaborates: “‘Legacy’ is one of those highfalutin words that we rarely consider—unless we’re writing a eulogy or preparing for an executive exit. But should speechwriters be more preemptive, and partner with their principals to shape memorable, meaningful legacies? Is legacy-building an ego stroke—or an essential component of succession planning and organizational sustainability? How can we encourage principals to shift their focus from the crisis of the day—to contemplate big-picture views of what they’ll leave behind? And, does the truncating tenure of CEOs (~4.6 years for Fortune 500 leaders) make the pursuit of legacy more or less important?”

Trew would love to quote your thoughts, experience and advice. Email her at [email protected]

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