Speechwriter: Are you happy?

Over at my personal blog Writing Boots today, I have some strong advice for communications pros who are chronically unhappy at work. “The professional storyteller who hates his work is as unwanted a foolish failure as the circus clown who drinks between shows,” I write. “Let’s see: You work in a non-essential field that doesn’t pay much—and you hate it?” I advise readers to “get yourself happy—because your own cheerfulness is the only status you’ll ever have in this work, babe—or get busy finding a less miserable way to make a hell of a lot more money.”

Simplistic, perhaps. But then, that’s what advice is.

Speechwriters, talk to us about your career satisfaction. Are you glad you’re in this work? Or would you love to find a way out? (If you’d rather contribute anonymously, write to me at vseditor at mcmurry.com. —DM

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