Secure a seat at Vital Speeches’ Leadership Communication Days

On October 14 and 15, Vital Speeches of the Day will hold “Leadership Communication Days,” a collegial and purposeful meeting of executive communication managers, senior speechwriters and others dedicated to helping leaders lead.

Over two days at Pfizer’s headquarters in midtown Manhattan, participants will have the chance to share their biggest successes, hear from their most forward-thinking peers, ask advice for their most pressing problems and help one another solve the vexing problems only executive communicators share.

Meanwhile, during rigorous discussions and casual meetings over meals and cocktails, they’ll begin to build a strong professional network among dispersed and otherwise isolated colleagues.

To make sure everyone has a chance to participate fully, we’re capping attendance at 25 people.

The cost of the event is $1,995. Register now to reserve your seat (and reserve your room before Sept. 3 to get the conference rate).

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