Leadership Forums Explode this month

Foremost forums upcoming

Environmental, Social, and Governance Europe (October 4; Amsterdam). Event focuses on topics impacted by the fact that “sustainability is becoming critical to the institutional investment chain” and the “increasing advance of regulation around environmental, social, and governance issues from domestic governments and the EU.” Read more.

World Knowledge Forum (October 9 – 11; Seoul). Event is self-described as “Asia’s most prominent knowledge festival” and focuses on the “search for the 21st Century wealth creation equation.” Representative topics include: The impact of fund capitalism; US policy toward North Korea; innovation as a factor in corporate growth; building global brand leadership; and creation of online distribution channels. Read more.

Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society Global Meeting (October 10 – 12; Deauville, France). Event aims to “create a powerful, global network in order to strengthen the influence of women throughout the world, and develop action plans to encourage women’s contribution to society and promote diversity in the business world.” Topic areas of interest are coaching; diversity; Internet; sustainability; rising talents; and women in education. Read more.

US Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center Global Corporate Citizenship Conference (October 10 – 12; Washington, DC). Event focuses on social and economic issues arising as a result of emerging market development and then examines the various strategic roles that businesses can play in the communities in which they operate. The 2012 program will cover big picture approaches to global topics as well as hands-on/how-to sessions on what practical action companies can take in more effectively managing their corporate presence in emerging market countries. Read more.

PopTech (October 17 – 20; Camden, ME). Event is self-described as “the pre-eminent international forum for idea exchange about living and working in the digital age.” Event focuses on dramatic transformative changes from a technological, cultural, and global perspective. Topic areas of interest are globalization; global warming; biotechnology; nanotechnology; ubiquitous computing; and the future of knowledge and intellectual property. Read more.

Forbes Global CEO Conference (October 21 – 23; Dubai). Event aims to provide an audience primarily of CEOs of enterprise-scale multinational companies with the opportunity to discuss current topics centering on the state of the global economy and world issues that most impact business practices. Program includes a roundtable discussion on current events with Forbes columnists. Read more.

BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) Conference (October 23 – 26; New York). Event focuses on innovative strategies for businesses to implement and maintain successful sustainability and CSR structures and management systems. The program examines the full range of CSR issues, including governance; ethics; accountability; work place practices; environmental sustainability; human rights; community investment; and global business conduct. Read more.

Net Impact Conference (October 25 – 27; Baltimore). Event focuses on “innovative ideas that will create social and environmental value for our future.” Topic areas of interest are evolution of the sustainable business leader; connecting consumers with action and brand; past and future of sustainable supply chain management; how partnerships and passions can fuel sustainability initiatives; and fair trade in the era of social entrepreneurship. Read more.

Harvard Business School Cyberposium (November 4; Boston). Event program aims to provide an opportunity for MBA students, academics, and industry leaders to focus on the companies, trends, and ideas impacting technology and business. Topic areas of interest are content and distribution; new media industries; bandwidth; copyrights; storage; and data transmission. Read more.

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

World Future Society has issued a call for proposals for its Annual Conference taking place July 19 – 21, 2013 in Chicago, with a proposal submission deadline of October 31, 2012. Conference is described as “bringing together futurists from around the world to share ideas and vital information about the trends and events that will affect the world tomorrow.” Topic areas of interest are science/technology; commerce; earth; humanity; governance; and futuring. Read more.

Harvard Business School will begin solidifying the agenda for its Dynamic Women in Business Conference scheduled for February 23, 2013 in Boston. Event focuses on the “opportunities and challenges facing women in today’s business world.” Topic areas of interest are best practices for managing work and family; developing networks and mentors; executing negotiating strategies; and accessing resources. Read more.

US Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center will begin agenda planning for its National Conference on Corporate Citizenship being held on April 8 – 10, 2013 in Washington, DC. Event is self-described as a “gathering of the foremost voices in the CSR continuum, addressing the tough challenges facing America today and what we can do together for the future.” The program is built around four main themes: health and wellness; environmental innovation; education; and community and economic development. Read more.

Fortune Magazine will begin developing the agenda for its Brainstorm: Green scheduled for April 29 – May 1, 2013 in Dana Point, CA. Event focuses on “the opportunities, risks, and impact of environmental issues on business and economy,” and addresses the overriding question of “how can businesses help solve the world’s big environment problems.” The program examines the movement to sustainability by addressing such topics as sustaining green business models in economic hard times; myths and realities of green buildings; and pros and cons of water privatization. Read more.

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