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A speaker needs an independent speechwriter, and TED Conferences is looking for an editorial manager.

Independent speechwriter sought. Sez a speechwriting colleague, “I just took a new job which came with a noncompete clause, and one of my regular freelance clients (former head of a large nonprofit, still gets a number of fairly high-profile invites, mostly in S.E. Asia). He is looking for a new speechwriter; he usually needs 4-6 full speeches/year. His style is eloquent, he favors oratory, and he tends to run through a few drafts, so I billed him by the hour ($100/h). He’s good to work with, responsive, & pays very promptly. Anyone interested should send a cover letter, résumé and 3 sample speeches”: [email protected].

TED Conferences LLC is seeking an editorial manager in New York City. The Audacious Project Editorial Manager is responsible for developing and implementing the editorial strategy around this program, thinking deeply about how to connect with the TED audience and larger public through articles, videos, podcasts, and other media.

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