In December quiet, conference-planners set their agendas

Ahhh, it’s December and Santa will soon be popping down the chimney and leaving a bunch of goodies under the tree. Not a very busy month, event-wise, but the one upcoming promises a sleigh-full of goodies all its own!

Foremost forums upcoming in December

Yale CEO Leadership Summit/Winter (December 15 – 16; New York).  Event aims to bring together “top executive leaders to encourage leading scholars to share their perspectives, and promote further research in the field of leadership.” This year’s theme is Courageous Calls vs. Reckless Risk: Leading through the Unknowable and Triumphing the Unknown. The program will address such topics as building top management teams, improving board governance; and examining the character of leadership. Read more.

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

• Financial Times will begin agenda development for its Innovate Summit, which will again be held in London in November 2011. Summit focuses on trends and developments in process and product innovation, global product development, and new business models for innovation. Event addresses such topics as instilling innovation values and practices within an organization; the skill sets and tools required for a successful chief innovation officer; and making the business case for innovation to key decision makers. Read more.

• University of California at Berkeley Haas School of Business will begin solidifying the agenda for its Women in Leadership Conference, scheduled for March 5, 2011 in Berkeley. The event aims to provide businesswomen with information on career options, and professional and personal development strategies. Recent program topics include “Making Your Mark On Industry” and “Making Your Mark on Your Personal Life,” as well as solo keynotes by leading women executives. 2011 event theme is Redefining Leadership: Making It Your Own. Read more.

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