How to turn your CEO from zero to thought leader in 90 days

“Executives are undeniably busy and many admit they would never finish a book unless they had someone to drive the process,” says Steve Wilson, CEO of a startup called FastPencil.

This week that firm introduced a “Concierge Thought Leadership Book Program,” that can transform a CEO without a thought in his or her head into an influential book author, all in 90 days.

On my personal blog Writing Boots, perhaps I went over the top in claiming that Wilson’s “book authoring team” must be miserable wretches, and predicting that the firm will be out of business in two years.

But I do think Wilson owes ghostwriters, and all writers, an explanation for his claims of having routinized their work. And if his explanation is somehow good enough—hell, we might turn out to be some of his best clients!

I’ll invite him to comment here, and to sit for an interview on the Vital Speeches podcast. We’ll see if he takes me up on it.

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