He Is the Most Interesting Speechwriter in the World

He lives in New Zealand. He lists his occupation as "Speech Writer. Heavy Diesel Equipment Operator."

Seeking speakers and participants for the PSA’s first-ever Asia-Pacific Speechwriting Conference next year, I’ve run across some people from cool places, with exotic names—for instance, it’s nice to make the acquaintance of the Brisbane rhetorician Emerald Moon.

But no one has quite captured my imagination like the New Zealander Paul Savage, who lists his occupation on LinkedIn as …

Speech Writer. Heavy Diesel Equipment Operator.

… and then elaborates: "I'm a communications and public relations professional who specialises in speech writing. I'm also a heavy diesel equipment operator with proven experience on combine harvesters, tractors (500+ horsepower, with AutoSteer), loaders and numerous farm implements in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand."

Savage also has his “Unrestricted Heavy Rigid” license, and is checked out on a Roadranger gearbox.

But how is he with gerunds and linking verbs?

I look forward to finding out Down Under, next February 11-13.

(And what a nice thing that is to think about in January, in Chicago.) —DM

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