Happening conferences, and conferences planning

What’s that you’re humming, fella? June is busting out all over? Well, you just continue on working your way through the entire Carousel soundtrack, while we talk about this event activity that is also busting out this month!

Foremost forums upcoming in June

Conference Board’s Center for Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability hosts the Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Conference (June 17 – 18; New York), which focuses on the growth of innovation and best practices for “solving the world’s toughest problems” through corporate citizenship and sustainability programs, and addresses topics such as green jobs; public/private partnerships; global warming; and energy efficiency. Conference theme is Economic Impact on Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability Initiatives.

Fortune’s Global Forum (June 26 – 28; Cape Town, South Africa) is an invitation-only event that brings together “the leaders of business and diverse fields […] to focus on substantive issues and opportunities in the developing world,” and, while global in scope, “spotlights the region in which it is held.” As the event’s program is developed under the guidance of editors from Fortune, Time and CNN, it is described as offering a “journalistic perspective [providing] unique insights into the key trends and dynamic people that are driving business.”

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

Harvard Business School will begin agenda development for its Entrepreneurship Conference (November 6; Boston) this month. The event caters to both those aspiring to and experienced in entrepreneurship by offering “insights into entrepreneurship from a variety of industry experts, venture capitalists and distinguished entrepreneurs.” Agenda addresses such topics as intelligence in market trends; starting a new venture; and building a business.

Opportunity Green has issued a call for speaker proposals for its Business Conference (September 22 – 24; Los Angeles) with a deadline of June 22. The conference aims to “inspire a collaborative culture of new thinking and unconventional ideas that pushes change in unexpected ways” specifically by generating ideas to “develop and implement sustainable business solutions.” The program aspires to provide attendees with tools and strategies for effectively integrating sustainability into business operations, as well as to facilitate “new strategic partnerships while exploring sustainable strategies and best practices.”

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