Get up to speed professionally, in four easy steps

Join the PSA, enter the Cicero Awards, plan your professional development and save the date for the 2018 PSA World Conference.

Let’s get you aimed straight professionally in 2018:

First, you join the Professional Speechwriters Association (or renew your membership) to receive 25% off every PSA resource, and to enter 2018 connected.

Next, you gather all the best speeches you wrote in 2017 and enter them into the 2018 Cicero Speechwriting Awards before the early bird deadline of Feb. 2.

Then, you peruse the PSA’s events calendar to plan your professional development. Is this the year your leader becomes a thought leader? Could you raise your op-ed writing game? Do you do exec comms at a nonprofit? Have a look at our growing list of seminars and webinars—and custom in-house training—to broaden your skills and train your staff.

And finally, you save the date of Oct. 22-24 for the 2018 PSA World Conference, and set aside the budget bucks so you can register early for the annual pilgrimage to Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, that sells out every year.

See, now we’re rolling.

Together. —DM

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