Get the jump on June

Events, deadlines and agenda planning cycles that executive communication pros should know about.

The birthstone for the month of June is the lovely pearl, and we cannot think of a better metaphor for the lustrous conferences coming up this month. What’s more, to savor these pearls you do not need to go diving into deep, scary waters looking for pearl-bearing oysters – they are all right here, on dry land. Enjoy.

Foremost forums upcoming

Global Summit of Women (June 5 – 7; Paris). The summit’s program examines issues relevant to increasing women’s economic power internationally, and affirms an advocacy role in championing women leaders from developing countries and their role in helping to build local and regional economies. Representative topics include: Sourcing enterprise funding through the Internet; supplier diversity – entering the corporate supply chain; and media and imaging women as leaders. 2014 theme: "Women—Redesigning Economies, Societies."

She Helps Empower (SHE) Summit (June 5 – 6; New York). The event aims to provide "a global conversation and celebration of female potential and possibility that is accessible and relevant to women everywhere." SHE was founded by Claudia Chan in the belief that "if women are exposed to a diversity of female role models, confidence-building stories and strategies, tools for personal and professional growth, and the significance of supporting each other–then they are more likely to reach their full potential and transform our culture for the betterment of all women and the world." Representative topics include: How to use speaking to grow a business; the power of women helping women—mentorship and beyond; and the new business model—social good required.

Corporate Eco Forum (CEF) Annual Meeting (June 16 – 18; Middleburg, VA). The meeting aims to provide an environment for members to discuss practical lessons learned, strategize around shared challenges, and explore opportunities to collaborate. The majority of the program consists of small working sessions designed to promote candid, peer-to-peer dialogue. Representative topics include: Supply chain carbon management; designing eco measurement systems; and brand positioning.

Wharton Leadership Conference (June 18; Philadelphia). The event focuses "on leading in a period of greater risks and higher stakes" and addresses such questions as "how can executives in the private sector, public service, and non-profit world prepare themselves and their teams to lead in this uncertain environment." Presentations are primarily one-hour sessions featuring a solo speaker or an interview-style format, with audience Q&A. The 2014 theme is "Preparing for a Complex and Uncertain World."

Conference Board Women's Leadership Conference (June 19 – 20; New York). The conference focuses on the role of decision makers in promoting opportunities for the advancement of women in the workplace, and how the implementation of successful programs can enhance employee motivation and result in better business performance. Program addresses topics such as strategies for retaining women holding senior positions; the impact of mentoring programs on women's advancement within organizations; and the barriers facing women in the IT industry.

Fortune Most Powerful Women: London (June 23 – 24; London). The event is self-described as an "unparalleled opportunity to connect with the most prominent [European] women leaders in international business, as well as government, media, philanthropy, sports, and the arts." Representative topics include: New thinking in corporate social responsibility; beyond the Eurozone's dysfunction; and the future of digital. 2014 theme: "The New Connected Leadership."

Aspen Ideas Festival (June 24 – July 3; Aspen). Produced in partnership with The Atlantic, this event focuses on "restorative reflection on the meaning of the good life, leadership, and sound public policy based on nonpartisan principles and timeless ideas." Program addresses such topics as global dynamics; health and bioscience; and culture and the media.

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

Asian Institute of Management (AIM) will begin developing the agenda for its Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility taking place September 2 – 3, 2014 in Manila. Forum focuses on "CSR challenges and opportunities for business, government and civil society" in the Asia Pacific region. Representative topics include: Strategic business competitiveness; personal skills for CSR managers; and social benefits of CSR.

Fortune will begin solidifying the agenda for its Most Powerful Women: Asia event being held November 11, 2014 in Hong Kong. Event brings together "Asia's most prominent women leaders in business, along with leading women from government, media, philanthropy and the arts" and focuses on "issues impacting businesses and careers in Asia." Representative topics include: Global investment strategies; Asia's strengths and weaknesses in technology and innovation; how the next generation will shape the region; and ways to improve financial markets in China and beyond.

Harvard Business School (HBS) will begin agenda development for its Entrepreneurship Conference, tentatively scheduled for fall 2014 in Boston. Conference aims to cater to both those aspiring to and experienced in entrepreneurship by offering "insights into entrepreneurship from a variety of industry experts, venture capitalists and distinguished entrepreneurs." Agenda addresses such topics as intelligence in market trends; starting a new venture; and building a business.

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