FREE TOOL: Evaluating speaker effectiveness

All speakers, like all people, are a mishmash of virtues and shortcomings. All have vast room for improvement and all have strengths to build on.

Tom Mucciolo can’t make you a better person, but he has helped machine a tool to allow you and your speaker to untangle what he euphemistically calls “challenges” and “opportunities.”

Based on recent research conducted at New York University, about what different audiences demand of speakers, the veteran speaking coach and his NYU colleague, Dr. Leila Jahangiri, have developed a new assessment tool to determine how and in what situations your speaker succeeds, and where he or she falls short.

As they are still developing the tool and working out its pricing, they are offering it free to readers for the rest of 2009. In exchange, the collaborators hope for user feedback on the tool’s own “challenges and opportunities.”

Click here to take the assessment for yourself—and feel free to forward to clients.

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