Executive Communication Summit, Illustrated

If you missed the first Executive Communication Summit—you'd better not miss the next one.

After exec comms guru Brian Forest opened with a pre-conference workshop on how to create a disciplined, powerful exec comms messaging strategy …
… Executive Communication Council Member Advisor Sharon McIntosh opened the main event by sharing the results of the Executive Communication Standard, the first comprehensive study about the state and the future of the this burgeoning business.
Next, Splunk exec comms chief Kari Matalone explained how she and her colleagues brought rigor and rationality to the question of which issues merit a public response from company leadership, and which do not. (And why.)
VMware exec comms senior director Rosemary Cassie explained the process by which she and her team make thought leaders not out of one company executive, but of all of them.
Superstar speechwriter Lech Mintowt-Czyz demonstrated that “strategic speechwriting” is hardly an oxymoron, explaining the difference a “moonshot speech” can make—and showing how to get one right.
Delta CEO comms chief Savannah Huddleston explained why she and her colleagues created “Gaining Altitude,” a platform that CEO Ed Bastian uses to publicly listen, more than to talk.
Messaging and presentation guru Tim Pollard explained—and demonstrated—how to make messages that make things happen (and why so few leaders actually do).
Intel communicators Kari Aakre and Meredith Lynch showed how they measure the impact of exec comms.
Maureen Kasper, Intuitive senior director, and beloved exec comms mentor to many, explained why she favors a “matrixed structure” to make the biggest possible exec comms impact over time.
Speakers spoke their truth and bared their souls in a session on how they’ve managed other people, and managed themselves over these harrowing last couple of years.
And we saw so many eager, intense, warm, good-humored and intelligent faces of Executive Communications.

Next year, let one of those faces be yours.

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