Contest! Help us create a button to hand out at the PSA World Conference!

Something like, "Speechwriters have an oral fixation."

Contest! If you were going to suggest a speechwriter-specific button to hand out at oh, say, the first-ever World Conference of the Professional Speechwriters Association, what would be the message? When I edited Speechwriters Newsletter years ago, we gave out mugs that said, “Speechwriters have an oral fixation.” But that’s been done.

What have you got? Winner gets a free year’s membership to the PSA. Email suggestions to [email protected].

Oh, and sorry for burying the lead: Yes, attendees of the PSA World Conference get buttons! They also get to hang with their friends—and their rivals. Among the professional pilgrims from global companies, national governments, giant nonprofits and revered universities, we’ll welcome scribes from Coke and Pepsi … TIAA-CREF and USAA … Eli Lilly and the American Hospital Association … the European Commission and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association.

Where will you be when we’re all in New York, May 22-23? —DM

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