Back to school, for speechwriters too

Get up to speed on leadership forums taking place, and conference planners seeking speakers in September.

Not only is September the month for Independence Day in Brazil (the 7th) and El Salvador (the 15th), and for Revolution Day in Mozambique (the 25th), it also happens to be the month in which the following excellent conferences will take place this year.

Foremost forums upcoming

Business for the Environment (B4E) Climate Summit (September 9 – 10; London). Summit aims to "gather thought leaders from industry, government and NGOs to share innovations and strategies for achieving zero-based targets and transformative climate solutions." Representative topics include: Transport and mobility; agriculture and forestry; IT; renewable energy; and consumer goods. On the second day group chairs summarize proposals for the entire body of attendees.

Do Lectures (September 17 – 20; Hopland, CA). Founded on the premise "that people who Do things can inspire the rest of us to go and Do things, too," event aims to "create a 'village of ideas'….So what do we do? We start conversations." The lectures include talks by guest speakers, live music performances, and workshops. Topics fall into the general categories of business, design, environment, and food.

Columbia Business School Social Enterprise Conference (September 25; New York). Conference aims to "[bring] together industry leaders, professionals, academics, students and alumni to share innovative ideas, best practices, and leading examples surrounding the intersection of business and society." Representative topics include: Private equity for social impact; consulting for social impact; cultivating effective NGO-business partnerships; and the next generation of renewable technologies. The 2015 theme is "Imagine and Inspire—The Future of Social Enterprise."

Nantucket Project (September 25 – 27; Nantucket, MA). Event is self-described as a "gathering of visionaries, business leaders, and innovators with an intent to create a powerful distillation of ideas that will influence the national dialogue on important issues." Representative topics include: Experiencing gratitude; this ain't capitalism; is science the one true God?; and the art of surviving prison.

Mashable Social Good Summit (September 27 – 28; New York). Summit explores "how technology is changing the world for the good." Representative topics include: Empowering people through social media to use technology to prevent climate change; democratization of giving; and the future of news. 2015 theme: "#2030Now."

Fortune Brainstorm: E (September 28 – 29; Austin). Event, subtitled "Where Energy, Technology, and Sustainability Meet," is described by organizers as "peer[ing] more deeply into the business revolution that is being driven by dramatic changes in energy (including energy economics), disruptive technologies, and environmental pressures." Representative topics include: Solar; fracking; smart grids; self-driving cars; zero-emission buildings; and safe chemicals.

Washington Ideas Forum (September 30 – October 1; Washington, DC). Event aspires to bring together a group of "newsmakers, industry innovators, and leading journalists" for "debate, conversation, and idea-sharing." The forum's goal is to foster "creative thinking about the critical issues affecting our national identity, politics, and core values." Topics covered at the forum include the current and future state of politics, business, media, education and the non-profit sector within the US and throughout the world.

Wharton Women in Business Conference (October 2; Philadelphia). Conference is self-described as "promoting the collaboration and mentoring of women in business and providing an opportunity for WWIB members to network with successful women from a spectrum of industries." Event focuses on issues facing women inside and outside of the workplace and addresses such topics as achieving balance in life choices; eliminating roadblocks to success; and effective negotiating techniques.

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

AppNation has issued a call for papers for its Chief Digital Officer Global Forum being held November 2 – 3, 2015 in Half Moon Bay, CA, with a proposal submission deadline of September 15, 2015. Forum has a focus on "the new and evolving role of the Chief Digital Officer across a variety of industries and verticals." Representative topics include: How to find, develop, and nurture great digital talent; the state of the economy; and digital engagement in a social and mobile world.

The Climate Registry and Center for Climate and Energy Solutions have issued a call for speakers for their Climate Leadership Conference, scheduled for March 8 – 10, 2016 in Seattle, with a proposal submission deadline of September 15, 2015. Conference is self-described as "dedicated to professionals addressing global climate change through policy, innovation, and business solutions." Representative topics include: Operating in a low-carbon economy; making the business case for climate mitigation; incorporating climate metrics into sustainability programs; and the growing cost of extreme weather.

Women Presidents' Organization (WPO) will begin agenda development for its Annual Conference taking place April 7 – 9, 2016 in Baltimore. Event seeks to bring together women executives and entrepreneurs from the US and Canada "to share experiences in business." The overall focus of the conference is on business trends, planning for the future, operations enhancements, and re-energizing personal goals.

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